Can good old guitar pop make a comeback in these times of trap? Thanks to Carolina Durante, the answer is yes. The four-piece Madrid band appeared on the music scene and turned it on its head in record time. With a style between punk rock and noise pop and the release of just a couple of EPs and a bunch of unquestionable hits (‘Cayetano’, ‘El himno titular’ or ‘En verano, ornitofilia’) they sold out gigs all over Spain, progressed to the line-ups of the big festivals and signed with a multinational record company – quite a feat for a band that had only been playing for two years. With brash lyrics, clear-cut songs and a bold, barefaced attitude, the group looks set to be one of the big names of its generation. Carolina Durante will be taking the stage at BIME Live for the first time to present their debut songs as one of the most eagerly awaited Spanish pop rock performances in years.