From the moment she first appeared on the screen, the world knew she was special.  Amaia’s voice and charisma took the whole country by storm. Whether lyric verse or a pop hit, alone at the piano or backed by a band, her brilliant performances always bring about the same result:  ovations and emotion.  There’s no recipe to this natural magic, the fact of the matter is simply that each time she sets foot onstage something special happens.  Having taken her live show to audiences in cities like Madrid (Teatro Real), Pamplona (Teatro Gayarre), and Barcelona (Primavera Sound), the Pamplona native is performing at BIME Live for the first time, presenting her debut album produced by Raul Fernandez Refree and recorded in New York and Argentina.  This stimulating work is certain to live up to the hype conjured and marks the start of a career auguring no limits.