One of contemporary music’s most influential bands is set to play at this year’s BIME Live. Founded in Düsseldorf in 1970, Kraftwerk was one of the first groups to popularise electronic music. Pioneers in the genre, with a distinctive revolutionary sound, their creations have had a lasting impact that is still felt today, and the totally new sounds of the group formed by Florian Schneider, Ralf Hütter, Fritz Hilpert and Henning Schmitz, who accompanied their unique musical offering with a dehumanised, robotic on-stage performance, made them an undisputed avant-garde reference point. Their new techniques and the equipment they created are omnipresent on today’s music scene. Kraftwerk was the group that took electronica to new heights and laid the foundations for what it is today, and its influence on musical culture in the second half of the twentieth century is only comparable to that of the Beatles, with a unique, wide-reaching legacy that goes far beyond time and fashion.