• Foals, Kraftwerk, Morgan, Amaia, and First Girl On The Moon, among others, performed last night during the first leg of this autumn’s biggest indoor festival

The 3D extravaganza put on by Teutons and electronica pioneers Kraftwerk and Foals’ performance in one of the first live presentations of their recent Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost were the main course on day one of two for BIME LIVE, held last night at the BEC!. However, from early in the afternoon there was no lack of audience at any of the 5 stages hosting performances ranging from fresh talent like Basque duo First Girl on the Moon to established artists such as Enric Montefusco. Madrid’s Morgan and Navarre’s Amaia proved why their names are indispensable on the bill of any festival worth its salt, drawing a significant crowd to the Antzerkia stage. Always tuned in to the latest trends, BIME LIVE dedicates its Gaua and Goxo stages to electronica and urban musics, which saw the greater part of the audience into the wee hours of the morning.

It’s a very diverse audience that gathers in the different ambiances offered by BIME LIVE, from the younger crowd giving their all to the freshest and more urban bill at Goxo, to the more noctilucent and electronica cognoscenti at Gaua, the gourmet crowd at the Antzerkia stage, and the die-hards giving it up to the curated selection of artists always guaranteed by the festival.

Today, Saturday, the BEC! will once again open its doors with a program headlined by Jamiroquai, Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes, and Roísín Murphy, and filled out by Carolina Durante, Mark Lanegan Band, The Divine Comedy, and the up-and-coming Omago, among a throng of other acts.