Are you from Portugal or the Balearic Islands and want to play at BIME CITY? This might interest you:

As in previous editions, BIME CITY is looking for different talents from around the world through a network of collaborations and open calls. For this occasion, we are working closely with Why Portugal and Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics export offices aiming to capture the very best of their region.

BIME CITY is the perfect window for new bands. A place to demonstrate and prove your talent to investors, promoters, managers or journalists from the music sector that will gather during three days (30, 31 October & 1 November) at one of Europe’s biggest industry’s encounter. These showcases will be for free until complete capacity and will take place during a couple of BIME PRO nights across different venues in Bilbao.

Both calls will be closed on May 15th. Dont think about it twice, and dare to take part of the BIME PRO experience!

Portuguese bands can sign up through this form.
Balearic bands can sign up through this form.