BIME CITY will bring two days of live music to Bilbao

On October 30 and 31, BIME will step outside the BEC! to bring central Bilbao the hottest selection of budding talent from Spain and abroad.A host of free concerts will be staged at the city’s main venues over two nights, opening up the BIME festival to anyone wanting to see the bands set to head all the festival line-ups in future.

The event will be a showcase for the BIME PRO professionals and also a tasty appetiser for the audience excitedly awaiting the start of BIME LIVE. At the 2018 festival, over 50 bands from 16 different countries and with a huge variety of musical styles flooded BIME CITY with colour and light.



Spain La Ribera 30 Oct

Beverly Kills

Sweden La Ribera 31 Oct


Peru La Ribera 30 Oct

Carly Wilford

United Kingdom Muelle 30 Oct


France Azkena 31 Oct

Cave Story

Portugal Azkena 30 Oct

Chico Malo

Spain Bilborock 31 Oct

Con X The Banjo

Spain Azkena 31 Oct

Desorden Público

Venezuela La Ribera 30 Oct


Luxembourg Kafe Antzokia 30 Oct

El Columpio Asesino*

Spain Sala BBK 31 Oct

Ela Minus

Colombia Muelle 31 Oct


Spain Azkena 30 Oct

Fetén DJ

Spain Shake 31 Oct

Giovanni Cidreira

Brazil La Ribera 31 Oct

Grande Days

Spain Stage Live 31 Oct

Hakima Flissi

Spain Sala BBK 31 Oct

Heavy Lungs

United Kingdom Shake 30 Oct


Spain La Ribera 31 Oct

Jo Goes Hunting

Netherlands Kafe Antzokia 31 Oct

Joseba Irazoki eta Lagunak

Spain Stage Live 31 Oct

La Habitación Roja

Spain Bilborock 30 Oct


Spain Stage Live 31 Oct

Lina_Raül Refree

Portugal Stage Live 30 Oct


France Shake 31 Oct

María Guadaña

Spain Shake 31 Oct

Mono o Estéreo?

Chile Azkena 31 Oct


Spain Muelle 30 Oct


Brazil La Ribera 31 Oct


Spain Bilborock 31 Oct


Spain Stage Live 30 Oct


Norway Muelle 31 Oct

Primas Hermanas

Spain Sala BBK 31 Oct


Spain Azkena 30 Oct

Saphie Wells & The Swing Cats

Peru La Ribera 30 Oct


Peru Muelle 30 Oct


Netherlands Kafe Antzokia (+Coppola - 30 OCT) 31 Oct


Portugal Kafe Antzokia 30 Oct

The Psychotic Monks

France Shake 30 Oct

The Zephyr Bones

Spain Kafe Antzokia 30 Oct

Thomas Azier

Netherlands Kafe Antzokia 31 Oct


Spain Muelle 30 Oct


Spain Bilborock 31 Oct


Spain La Ribera 31 Oct

Yo Diablo

Spain Stage Live 30 Oct

Supplementary activities

Exposición "Orbit augmented reality"

Someone is the multi-disciplinary artist Tessa Rose Jackson, who celebrates and explores creativity in all its different forms. For her five track EP ORBIT, Someone has created this Augmented Reality Exhibition that allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in her cosmic music and art. For each of her songs, she designed an artwork that reflects the meaning behind the lyrics using abstract shapes and forms. These artworks spring to life when viewed through a smart-device using the ORBIT app, and even respond to your movements and touch!

The exposition includes a “Meet the artist” on the 30th of October (19h) at Basquery.

Oct. 15 – Nov. 4

Dock of the Bay presenta: "In the middle of Norway"

The documentary talks about the double life of Jorge Martí Aguas, singer of La Habitación Roja, who in the winter lives in Norway, where he takes care of his chronically ill wife and works in a center for patients with Alzheimers and dementia.  

Director: Mia P. Salazar -2018- Suecia -38 min 

October 30th, 20:30


BIME CITY and Surne have teamed up this year to bring music to the littlest ones in the house: a session for kids and grownups alike to enjoy music, art, and technology together in an original and innovative way.  We’ll have an unforgettable time with Miss Biotza, Billy Boom Band, and Trakamatraka doing activities that are sure to stimulate curious minds as we experiment with new sounds and ways of making music.

See you there!


Activity 1: Concert + Trakamatraka* Instrument-making Workshop

Location: Open Space | Time: 11:30 – 12:50

A new way to approach, understand, and appreciate music.  Discover how to get a beat out of the most unexpected objects and learn how to play an instrument and recycle at the same time.  A concert and workshop for the whole family.

* Limited number of participants.  Prior registration is required using the provided sign-up form .  Children must be accompanied by an adult to participate.


Activity 2: I wanna be a DJ + Miss Biotza Dancefloor

Location: Lucernario | Time: 11:30 – 12:50

A family-oriented electronic session intended to generate new environments where kids can have a blast while watching their parents dance and become familiar with a different soundworld.


 Activity 3: Billy Boom Band Concert (acoustic trio)

Location: Lucernario | Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Rock music project for kids and their adults, a rock band for all ages!




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