• BIME PRO convenes the big names in the music industry to debate the future of the sector after the cancellation of over 800,000 concerts worldwide so far this year.
  • Under the motto #máscercaquenunca (closer than ever), the conference calls us together again to keep moving forward hand in hand.
  • It will be held in a unique urban setting, downtown Bilbao, supported by an innovative digital ecosystem that will amplify the reach of this unmissable date for music professionals on a global level.
  • Tickets for the 8th edition of BIME PRO, taking place the 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th of October, will be up for sale from September 1st on www.bime.net.

It’s estimated that this year global music industry turnover will drop by around €55 bn and up to 2 and a half million job posts will be affected. If we focus in on the festival world, tens of thousands have had to be called off with losses climbing to nearly €20 bn, leaving 13 million people around the world bereft of their favorite leisure activities due to the pandemic’s impact. To give an idea, here are some industry figures:

· In Spain it’s calculated that live music has suffered losses of €559 mn, and recorded music €115 mn.

· Five hundred thousand job posts in the Argentine music industry have been affected and total losses are estimated at €74 mn.

· In the UK revenue loss will rise to up to €1 bn.

· Italy will see losses of €600 mn, 350 of which will be due to the cancellation of thousands of concerts.

· China, epicenter of the pandemic, has suffered losses of €525 mn.

· Australia, Germany, and Switzerland together chalk up a combined loss of €3.5 bn.

And the worst part is that as of now there are no signs of the sector being able to restart its activity with normalcy. While other sectors are already doing so, the music industry is still taking losses, canceling tours and concerts, and finding itself before a panorama of uncertainty that keeps it from being able to work with a dependable calendar. The current situation is keeping BIME LIVE, the festive facet of this great event, from being held this year. This same situation is what makes BIME PRO, the professional gathering, take on special meaning. It’s urgent to meet and lay out common concerns, ideas, and tools in order to limn the new scenario.
“At BIME PRO we believe in the need to feel that we’re closer than ever—closer to all the businesses, professionals, students, institutions, sector entities, brands… to all of us who make up this professional fabric and who for years have been coming together to debate, discuss, learn, and innovate—collectively, inclusively, for us all. To this end, despite the consequences arising from this crisis, BIME PRO is committed to continuing forward and offering a program that will help shape the strategies of the future of the music industry,” declares Julen Martin, Director of this event which takes as its theme this edition #máscercaquenunca (closer than ever).
And that’s yet another reason for this edition to extend an extra day, stretching from 3 to 4, being held in hybrid format on the 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th of October of 2020 and bringing together the actors of the European and Latin American music industries. A panel of speakers hailing form different disciplines within the Creative Industries will complete its varied and choice program. At this time we’ve already confirmed the presence of Mike Malak, prestigious agent for international artists such as Billie Eilish; Rafa Sardina, producer for Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, and Alejandro Sanz; and Tomás Tello, music supervisor for Money Heist. The event will also be a meeting point for representatives of European and American associations among many others.
As every year, the conference will host work spaces specifically for strategic areas of the sector: BIME PRO FESTS will once again become the rallying point for festivals at one of the most important moments in its history due to the complex and uncertain nature of the 2020 season. Moreover, the BIME PRO CAMPUS and BIME PRO START UP! sessions will offer training and business opportunities to those young people interested in a career in the music industry. BIME PRO, which counts on seven delegations in different Latin American countries, will also be witness to and suite of the gathering of Ibero-American fairs that is the AMCS – Atlantic Music Conferences Symposium, furthering its plan to forge connections between the American and European continents.
The event will take place via an innovative platform that allows combining digital and physical interactions. Part of the event will be happening on the digital platform itself, which accredited professionals will be able to access two months prior to the event to facilitate networking. This space will feature various rooms where conferences, sessions, and speed meetings will be hosted that can be followed via streaming. Parallel to this, there will be presential activities being held right in the city center of Bilbao, adjusted to the measures set out by the Authorities but still marked by the innovation and creativity characteristic of this event. Details will be forthcoming over the next weeks.

This year’s edition will count on the support of the Bilbao City Council, Basque Government, Spri, Ministry of Culture and Sport or Spanish Cultural Action, as well as the main national and international sector entities such as ES_MÚSICA (Spanish Federation of Music), APM (Association of Music Promoters), FMA (Associated Music Festivals), Yourope (European Association of Festivals), LIVE DMA (European Association of Concert Venues), Musika Bulegoa (Euskal Herria Office of Music), AIE (Association of Performers and Executors), MIM (Women of the Music Industry), AEDEM (Association of Independent Music Editors), ARTE (Association of Spectacle Technician Representatives), IMMF (International Music Managers Forum), PAM (Associated Music Journalists), PROMUSICAE (Spanish Music Producers), UFI (Independent Phonographic Union), WIN (Worldwide Independent Network), Keychange (initiative for the empowerment of gender minorities) and so on to over 30.