Managers of large event venues and concert halls come together at BIME TECH to discuss the POST-COVID challenges of safety, occupancy limits, and certifications, as well as the sustainable development goals events and festivals do well to meet.

Meanwhile the BIME CITY program features thirteen concerts, the new Jordi Évole documentary on Pau Donés, and the online broadcast of bids from over 20 breakout bands hailing from 8 Latin American and European countries. 

With the 8th edition of BIME PRO well on its way to hanging up the “Sold Out” sign, today the final activities are being announced to complete the bill for its 2020 edition.  As of today, professionals from over 37 countries have already confirmed their attendance of the convention:  Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, U. S. A., Israel, Finland, Czech Republic, and Norway, among others.  The event is being held presentially on the 27th, 28th, and 29th at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, with activities for its online format kicking off Monday the 26th.

BIME CITY:  emerging talent, live and online

The BIME CITY bill is unveiled today, supported by the Bilbao City Council and consisting of thirteen concerts, online showcases, and the presentation of Jordi Évole’s documentary on Pau Donés.

The 13 concerts will be taking place the nights of Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th.   The stages of the BBK, Bilborock, and La Ribera clubs will serve as the best platform for some of the most promising bands of the Spanish national scene to showcase their talent.  Baobabs Will Destroy Your Planet and Juárez from Navarre; Kings of the Beach and CRNDS from Galicia; Jolly Damper, Playback Maracas, Tarta Relena, and Simona from Catalonia; and Basques Verde Prato, Plágaros, Dupla, DoleurDolor, and Bulego are the artists making this year’s roster.  All venues will be complying with COVID-19 protocols and, like every year, open not just to professionals but to the general Bilbao public until reaching occupancy limits.

The emerging talent of budding artists from Chile, Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Poland, Holland, Austria, and Argentina can be checked out via BIME’s online platform.

Lastly, Golem cinemas will host director Jordi Évole’s presentation of his documentary Eso que tú me das [‘All that you give me’].  The journalist will be in Bilbao to present the screening of his film documenting the conversation he had with musician Pau Donés a few days before the artist’s passing in June.

BIME TECH, contacting businesses and professionals

Another of the highest anticipated conventions is BIME TECH, forum of reference for the events sector connecting businesses and professionals with the objective of creating an environment where networking among visitors and exhibitors generates business opportunities all around.  More than a mere gathering point, BIME TECH fosters the transfer of knowledge with its talks featuring managers of leading companies in the sector and venues of reference such as the Wizink Center, Bilbao Arena, Navarra Arena, and Baluarte, among others.  This forum will cover topics such as event safety in the post-COVID era:  occupancy limits, personal protection and certification plans, insurance coverage analyzed from the perspective of both venues and promoters, tech-based festival management, pop-up/temporary venue construction, sustainable development goals for events and festivals regarding drinking-water and sanitation points, sustainable and clean energy, as well as responsible consumption and sustainable materials.

Speedmeetings, the experts ‘closer than ever’ #máscercaquenunca

Without a doubt, one of the most popular activities with BIME PRO attendees are its speedmeetings—this year more anticipated and necessary than ever given the crisis shaking the sector up, and down. These encounters give professionals the opportunity to meet with renowned experts and explain their job in a matter of minutes, with the objective of helping them expand their business or break into new markets. The registration period for the speedmeetings, which will be online this edition, is open from now until 12:00 noon October 20th.

Palacio Euskalduna, a safe space

Bilbao’s Euskalduna Palace will be the site of the presential event spanning the 27th, 28th, and 29th.  The organization has taken every measure necessary to ensure the complete safety of the venue:  occupancy in keeping with prevailing norms, pedestrian traffic-flow routes to facilitate safely distanced mobility within the venue, properly sanitized audiovisual equipment, single-use headphones to follow the conferences requiring simultaneous interpretation, and of course facilitating proper hygiene with alcohol-based sanitizer gel dispensers on the premises, as well as a constant cleaning of the spaces and waste and recycling collection.