Colombian band Bomba Estéreo, Canadian John Acquaviva and Argentinian Zoe Gotusso confirm attendance in the upcoming edition of BIME PRO and will be joined by Raphael, Shirley Manson, and Mala Rodríguez.

The managers of J. Balvin, Fabio Acosta and Iván Alarcón, Rosa Lagarrigue, Gay Mercader and Jon Ollier will also take part in the exciting program featuring international industry references.

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This October, the international music industry gathers in Bilbao for the 9th edition of BIME PRO. In a time where value chains experience constant change, it is essential to have the necessary conversations to reflect on the future of the industry. The event provides an opportunity to pause, review the current dynamics, anticipate the forthcoming ones, and forge the unity required to reactivate the industry with more strength. A highly anticipated reunion of the music industries of Europe and Latin America which, after the inevitable distance imposed on both continents by the pandemic, will come together at the Euskalduna Conference Centre on the 27, 28 and 29 October.

Headliners include Raphael, Shirley Manson, and Mala Rodríguez. They will be joined by Bomba Estéreo and John Acquaviva. The leaders of the Colombian band, Li Saumet and Simón Mejía, will conduct a workshop with their managers, Camila Saravia and Daniel Zawadzki, who have assisted them in developing their careers from the start. On the other hand, the talk of the Canadian DJ, artist, and producer, will focus on investment, introducing the Plus Eight Equity fund of which Richie H. and Ben Turner are advisers. From the professional side of the business, Fabio Acosta and Iván Alarcón, managers of J. Balvin, Rosa Lagarrigue, CEO of RLM and Gay Mercader, the mythical Spanish promoter and Jon Ollier, agent of Ed Sheeran, lead the way in a program composed of industry references. Plus, Argentinian artist Zoe Gotusso will offer a talk at BIME Campus. The Latin American industry will be represented with an ample onsite delegation, the perfect precursor for the first edition of BIME Bogota in May 2022.


New in this edition are workshops 100% focused on sustainability and humanism, which seek to highlight and draw attention to social and environmental innovation. The panel entitled “Music as a tool for social transformation” deals with the importance of social engagement in the music industry, introducing different projects that work to this end. Plus, this initiative will be reinforced with solidarity action: participants accredited for the event will have the possibility to make a positive difference by donating to the organizations present at this edition: Hardcore Hits Cancer from Catalonia, DalecandELA from the Basque Country and Llorona Records from Colombia.

Other round tables will center on sound and music and how they can have a positive impact on the environment. Professionals from different disciplines will debate and reflect on the importance of the sound channel in our society and natural ecosystems from multidisciplinary perspectives such as music, science, culture, health, and technology. Also related to social awareness, this edition includes a conference on psychology which will enable participants to have a conversation about psychological and professional development in an artistic career.

And as there can be no innovation without collaboration, this year boasts a dedicated space to give visibility to the behind-the-scenes of what is known as featuring, covering the different steps in the process, difficulties, and expectations in the creative process. The leaders of Brazilian band Francisco, el hombre, and the Catalonian La Pegatina, will present the background of the composition and recording of the song they created together, which was recorded remotely in 2021 in Brazil and Spain.


This year, in its 9th edition, the site of the conference will cover nearly 7,000 square meters, the largest space the event has ever occupied, with more than 3,000 professionals who gather annually at this conference to enjoy multiple opportunities for networking, 80 panels on diverse topics, speed meetings and several workshops, among an immensely varied offer of content and activities, both onsite and online, and, for the first time this year, a podcast. Both the digital platform as well as the BIME PRO app will be available for networking starting today.

As for BIME FESTS, the present and future of artist booking will be discussed in four round tables well represented by agents from the United Kingdom: Alex Bruford (Managing Director of ATC LIVE agency of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Metronomy, The Lumineers) Jon Ollier (CEO of ONE FIINIX LIVE, agent of Ed Sheeran), and Natasha Gregory (Co-founder of Mother Artists, agent of Idles). During the panel titled “Simpatía por la Industria Musical” (“Harmony with the Music Industry”) podcast number 100 of the eponymous podcast will be recorded live. Also, there will be a panel specialized on training and education, a field whose relevance in the music industry is on the rise. Other topics covered include copyright in live stream and a tool that is growing in popularity in the industry, digital assets or NFTs. The new prescriptive music platforms and formats for younger generations will also play a big part of the program.


The Euskalduna Conference Centre will host the 1st Music Publishing Conference organized by AEDEM. Renowned music supervisors will participate, as well as global companies such as PRISA, Atresmedia, and Altafonte, among others. Another unprecedented international event also a first at BIME PRO is the Music Equality Forum, a space which brings together the top national and international efforts fighting for equal opportunities in the industry: MIM,, British Council, Keychange, Ruidosa and Femnoise will meet in this forum to increase the repercussion of their respective activities and continue working for the common goal. What’s more, the third edition of Latin American music fairs will take place, the Atlantic Music Conferences Symposium (AMCS), reaffirming yet again the conviction to connect continents, reuniting representatives from 14 fairs from across Latin America.