The market is not lying: the video-games industry is growing and growing, the video-games consumption in all its aspects has for long been greater than music, cinema and written literature. The range of population that consumes it is growing, there’s an adult and loyal public that’s ready to invest their time and money in video-games in their leisure time.

Now what, how many of those video-games have been produced in our territory? A low, really low amount. This situation is being repeated over and over.

Have we tried to create an industry? Yes. Have we made it to settle that industry? Yes, but not in the entertainment field.

We rely on lots of success stories by companies that have made use of their “know how” in video-games to develop business plans in such diverse fields like metallurgy, aerospace, medical, education, and many other fields that are so far away from entertainment. This is good, there’s a high demand on services and software development in which the human-machine interaction has to be done in a graphic way where digital environments offer possibilities to develop competitivity of the companies using them.

But getting back to the entertaining video-game industry, the situation is still at a standstill: few companies have made it in the field.

Institutions have tried and keep trying to enhance this industry. Nowadays there are over 200 people graduating annually in Bizkaia after having passed studies related to digital art and graphic interactive IT (pillars of entertainment video-games). Such people find a job in fields that are so far away from entertaining, or are forced to migrate to further places looking for a spot in digital leisure.

BIME PRO GAME BIZ in its first edition is born to become a meeting point to enhance the local digital interactive entertainment industry.

The prime material will be all those people studying subjects related to videogames, as they will be the main players of the next generation of digital-leisure-focused companies. The program is focused on them. Marketing, internationalization, video-games design focused on new business models, links between games and music, entrepreneurship, and inspiration. Real solutions for a real future in interactive entertainment.

BIME PRO offers such an ideal offer to develop GAME BIZ, setting creative industries in common in favor of synergism for the future. Music industry, audio/visual, entrepreneurship, new tech, innovation and internationalization hold hands to offer an inspiring meeting point for a fruitful future.


By Josu Cobelo, BIME PRO GAME BIZ curator

(Translated from Spanish by BIME Pro Team)


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