This year, both professionals and guests attending the event will have the opportunity to collaborate by optionally donating different amounts to three national and international organizations that use music as a tool for social change and who will be present at the ninth edition of BIME PRO.

Hardcore Hits Cancer

HCXHC is a registered non-profit organization whose main objective is to help cancer patients emotionally and financially, and to raise money to donate to foundations, especially child foundations, by organizing parties, concerts, and selling merchandising. By relating these events to Hardcore, Punk-Rock, and Metal music, it helps to spread the message that these types of music also have space for solidarity.


DalecandELA is a non-profit organization, whose goal is to raise funds for research in the fight against ALS, and support those who suffer from it. The organization is currently made up of a group of friends, family members and people affected by ALS. They raise awareness and fundraise through concerts, collaborations with bands from the Basque scene, and have even published a soundtrack. DalecandELA is doing their part to make ALS visible and boost research.

Llorona Records

Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Llorana Records, is a label and creative platform for music projects. This platform envisions and manages projects and helps to connect creators, collectives, people, and organizations around music. Some pillars of Llorona Record’s work include music production and local development, preservation and spread of traditional music, creative artist residencies, production, entrepreneurship, strengthening of the independent music industry, and management of cultural infrastructures.

These three organizations will be part of a panel that will take place on Wednesday, October 27, under the title “Music as a Tool for Social Change,” where they will talk about the importance of social engagement within the music industry. This presents an opportunity to raise a question that has long existed in the history of art: should the creator be committed to the realities around them?

Both guests and ticket holders can optionally donate €5, €10 or €15. Donations can be made through the page See Tickets.