The International Meeting of the Music Industry consolidates the bridge between America and Europe by adding a second annual event in Bogotá in April.

Bilbao will be the European headquarters in October and, from 2022, Bogotá will be the American headquarters, every April. In this way, it broadens its space to discuss the challenges that drive the future of the sector and reaffirms its commitment to establish alternative routes in the music industry that facilitate and multiply artistic and professional flows between the two continents, which generate opportunities for economic and cultural growth. and relational for artists, professionals, companies and publics linked directly or indirectly to music.


The choice of the city of Bogotá is not accidental. The Colombian capital is a vibrant city in a country that breathes music (it is part of the UNESCO Cities of Music network) and that, for years, has shown great economic and political sensitivity towards the Orange Economy or, whatever it is. the same, those activities that generate creative goods or services in the fields of arts and heritage, cultural industries and new technologies. In addition to the city’s privileged geographic location within the Latin American space, it has infrastructures to hold an event of this type and Colombia is the cradle of a growing number of successful artists on a global level.

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