• Close to 3,000 professionals and 1,400 sector companies from 30 countries met during the 3 days of BIME PRO at the BEC!
  • BIME CITY a big hit:  2 nights of concerts at 11 venues, nearly 50 artists
  • Eighth edition of BIME PRO now has dates:   28, 29, 30 October, 2020

BIME PRO closes out its seventh edition breaking attendance records with 2,880 professionals, 1,445 companies, and 320 festivals, and consolidates its status as the music industry meet not to miss.  This 30th and 31st of October and 1st of November Biscay has been transformed into the center of the music business and the sector’s bridge linking Europe and Latin America.  Delegations from a dozen countries hopped the Atlantic to mingle with Spanish and other European professionals and build synergies, establish new ties between the two continents, and, most of all, do business.

Music in all its construals was once again the leitmotiv of this date that thousands of professionals keep each year.  At BIME PRO we were able to take in the words of such great personalities as Matthew Knowles (music mogul, manager, and father of Beyoncé), Tom Windish (agent to bands like The xx and Billie Eilish), marketing guru Olivier Robert Murphy, Federica Tremolada (Managing Director for Southern & Eastern Europe at Spotify), Fruzsina Szép (Director of the Lollapalooza festival), and Amelia Hartley (renowned music supervisor for series such as Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders), to name but a few, who shared experiences and knowledge with those in attendance.  Equally noteworthy was the congregation of big companies and brands like Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Apple, and Instagram who have trusted in the event as the sector’s definitive point of convergence.

BIME PRO was the place to take a peer into what the festivals of the next decade will be like at the biggest gathering of music festivals in the country which this time around broke the 300 mark.  It was also the official kickoff of ES_MÚSICA, the Spanish Music Federation, uniting all the industry’s sectors for the first time with a single voice.

These sessions also saw the latest innovations of the cultural and creative industries in the most international and highest level edition of the BIME PRO Startup Competition:  80 startups from a dozen countries fought for a spot among the 8 finalists.  This year the prize went to Luxembourger entrepreneurs ANote Music, the first platform to permit investment through the exchange and commercialization of copyrights generating revenue for the creators.

Of further note is the success of the third edition and third consecutive year of BIME PRO Campus, the training program specializing in the music industry, which filled the halls of every one of its conferences and this year counted on such speakers as Rozalén, Julio Morote (Head of Product for SONY Music leading campaigns for C. Tangana and Rosalía), and Joe Pérez-Orive (Head of marketing for Live Nation Spain), among many others.

Another big novelty this year was the addition of BIME TECH, the place to be for event service providers and professionals of the production world, which made a fantastic debut featuring over 20 expos and nearly 20 conferences and was very well-received by attendees.



BIME CITY has also grown this year, adding to the near 50 concerts across 11 locations projections, expositions, and children’s activities.  The venues of Bilbao were full to overflowing the nights of October 30th and 31st, with a noteworthy host of professionals and audience in attendance at performances of international acts such as Lina and Raül Refree (Portugal), Thomas Azier (Holland), Desorden Publico (Venezuela), Mono o Estereo (Chile), Edsun (Luxembourg), and Otha (Norway), as well as national including El Columpio Asesino, presenting a new album in Bilbao, Nøgen, María Guadaña, and Con X de Banjo.

The documentary screening and subsequent unplugged concert put on by La Habitación Roja at Bilborock and the family activities of BIME CITY Kids at Azkuna Zentroa also drew droves of people enthused to take in and experience music from different angles. BIME CITY counts on the sponsorship of the City Hall of Bilbao.