These were the top speakers from last years’ edition

John Lack

MTV Founder

Vanessa Reed

PRS Foundation

Jaume de Laiguana

Fotógrafo, diseñador y realizador

Jamila Scott

A&R Warner Brothers

Jamal Daula

Global Head of Music, We Transfer

Marta Crespo

Music Supervisor

Robin Hunickee


Sundus Ali

IFPI, Head of Consumer Insight

Rob Hallett

Fundador Robomagic

Joe Perez Orive

Director de Marketing Livenation


Cities are the stages of musical tourism. And music festivals are multi-faceted: they boast quality, are creative, project an image of modernity, are integrative, and promote urban tourism. Therefore, this panel will feature managers from leading destinations in Spain, such as Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao, to analyse the experiences at these destinations and discuss the challenges that cities face when managing the growth of this phenomenon.

Speakers: Joan Torrella | Jordi Puy | Juan María Aburto | Miguel Sanz

It’s been 15 years now since the birth of MySpace, and 14 years of Facebook, 13 of YouTube, 12 of Twitter, and 8 of Instagram. Has music journalism improved on the networks during this time? Have the networks killed the press, or made it even stronger? Has digital “horizontality” contributed to enriching our vision of contemporary music, or blurred it? Have we all become microbloggers? Is there a new “citizen’s music journalism”?

Speakers: Eva F Cortés | María Ballesteros | Marta Pallarés | Rafael Cervera

John Lack is an indefatigable entrepreneur who, over the course of his career, has launched TV channels that have revolutionised conceptions of the entertainment industry, with Nickelodeon and, above all, MTV, which, for the first time, managed to industrialise musical contents, becoming a giant on the market in the process. What are the current and future challenges facing the music industry given the digital transformation of consumption? What are the trends that will shape the music industry of the future? What hurdles do artists confront in this new hyperconnected market? What will the new business models be? These and many other questions will be answered in “A Conversation with…John Lack”.

Speakers: John Lack | Muki Kulhan

Jaume de Laiguana is one of the leading photographers over the past years because of his creativity and originality when tackling different projects within the world of the image. Furthermore, he has developed several videoclips of international repercussion, highlighting the ones with Shakira and Alejandro Sanz. We will check out his most famous creations and will get a first hand comment on the evolution of his career.

Speakers: Jaume de Laiguana | Oscar García Blesa

With the progress that has been made in gender equality over the last year with programs like Keychange and movements like #metoo, what can we do to ensure that this is an intersectional and inclusive conversation? How can we continue this progress with new approaches and through working culture?

Speakers: Ainara González Marañón | Charlie Wall-Andrews | Vanessa Reed | Weining Hung

The new forms of music consumption are sketching a vague future, as the models that had prevailed until now fade away. The strategies for attracting new audiences are constantly shifting. What are today’s audiences looking for? How do they access content? Can we still influence their decisions? What is the secret of successful bands?

Speakers: Carla Mir | Ivone Lesan | Marcela San Martín | Marcos Rivas

Tourism is an important industry in cities such as London, Barcelona, San Sebastian… Visitors from all over the world stroll their streets, visit their museums, and frequent their shops and restaurants.
How does this affect the day to day of concert venues? What are the main challenges facing concert halls in these settings? This panel will provide answers to these and other questions about the impact of tourism on the live music ecosystem.

Speakers: Álex López Allende | Arkaitz Villar | Naiara Lasa | Raimund Reintjes

Amsterdam, Berlin, Austin, Melbourne, Granada and Bilbao are some of the cities that have made concerted efforts to offer great musical line-ups. Music is a highlight of these cities’ cultural offerings, and at many of them it has become the engine that drives the music scene and other cultural industries. How do these cities proceed, and what characteristics must they have? What is the role of local governments? What about the concert venues?
We will learn first-hand about the realities in some of these cities.

Speakers: Adrián Medrano | Iñaki Otalora | Katja Hermes | Silvia M. Ferri

The growth in tourism linked to live music and, in particular, music festivals, is evident. In fact, it is one of the booming segments within the tourism market worldwide. In this regard, and at this first table, we will reflect, with experts, on the current situation surrounding musical tourism, and the opportunity that live music represents for tourism development.

Speakers: Harkaitz Millán | Iñaki Gaztelumendi | Juan Daniel Núñez | Katja Hermes

In this year’s edition of BIME PRO, we are proud to present a panel on Taiwan’s music market. We talk to some of the country’s leading industry players about the opportunities, strengths and future prospects of their domestic market.

Speakers: Charlie Wall-Andrews | Hsiao-Tzu Lee | Jimi Moe | Weining Hung

Startup Competition

A space for innovation and entrepreneurship: new technologies, apps, video games and the latest technological and conceptual developments in the field of music and the cultural and creative industries. Thanks to high investor participation, BIME PRO Start Up! has become one of Spain’s most outstanding new events and the major springboard for startups in the creative, musical and digital industries.



Acqustic is a start up founded by Esteve Lombarte, that has developed an online platform to organise concerts with other musicians from your area.


Over two days, Europe and Latin America’s most promising new talent took the stage at 7 of Bilbao’s most iconic venues, with 40 free concerts crossing borders to delight the city’s public.The perfect showcase for the BIME PRO professionals and a tasty appetiser for the Bilbao audience.







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  • Taking part in BIME PRO 2018 was a great way of getting to know more about how the industry is developing in Spain at a well curated international meeting point for anyone interested in music and tech.”

    Vanessa Reed

    PRF Foundation, CEO

  • BIME is the not-to-miss event of the year, with a mass turnout from the Spanish industry and an excellent selection of representatives from abroad. And it’s in Bilbao

    Joan Vich

    FIB, Booker.

  • “BIME City is a unique opportunity for emerging bands from all over the world to make a name for themselves. Thanks to this initiative live music is filling concert venues all over Bilbao, a city with a modern urban environment as a backdrop to the latest trends in music”.

    Arkaitz Villar

    Kultura Live, Coordinator