The tenth edition of BIME PRO will be held on 4, 5, 6 and 7 May at the ZULA space in BOGOTÁ. The programme will also be broadcast online through our Platform.

The different types of passes can be purchased through our Tickets section.

BIME PRO PASS: access to the entire online and digital program. In-person / virtual lectures, cocktails, access to the stands area, open meetings, priority access to BIME CITY and BIME CITY online, access to the networking platform, workshops, speed meetings, welcome pack, BIME PRO 2021 Guide.

CAMPUS PASS: access to the entire program with a 50% discount for students and under 25s. In-person / virtual presentations, access to the stands area, open meetings, priority access to BIME CITY, access to the networking platform, welcome pack, BIME PRO 2021 Guide, diploma.

ONLINE PASS: access to the online program. Virtual lectures, access to networking platform, welcome pack, BIME PRO 2021 Guide.

When you buy your BIME PRO pass, you will receive an email inviting you to register on the platform once it is activated.

If you want to publicize your business at BIME PRO, either as a sponsor, by renting a stand, through content, or by advertising, contact us at We will personally assist you and find the best formula to achieve the visibility you are looking for.

We want you to be satisfied when you go home and make lots of new contacts. That’s why we’re offering you a state-of-the-art networking platform. There, you will find a directory listing all the professionals present at the event that can be broken down by sector, position, or even by company. The platform includes an internal messaging service that allows you to contact people and organize your own meeting schedule. The service will be activated over the next few weeks to give you ample time to contact other professionals over the months leading to the event. It will remain active after the event, thus extending the BIME PRO experience beyond the four days of the event.

You need to be backed by a company, institution, or export office.  Many of the entities we collaborate with can help you organize a showcase for your band at BIME PRO or BIME CITY.