In order to access BIME PRO you need first to get your ticket by buying it on the Tickets page. Then you will receive an e-mail inviting you to our networking platform. You must activate your account there in order to access the venue.

Once in the venue, just approach the Accreditations Desk in order to get your wristband and identifying pass that will allow you to join the BIME PRO activities.

No. If you just purchased the PRO+ Pass, you will only be able to access the professional conference. In case you also want to enjoy BIME LIVE festival, you have to get the PRO+ LIVE pass, which includes both events at a combined reduced rate.

You need to be supported by a company, institution, or export office. Many entities with whom we collaborate can help you organize a band showcase at BIME Pro or BIME CITY.

If you’re looking for your business to achieve visibility at BIME, either as a sponsor, with a stand, contents, or with advertisements, et in touch with us through our e-mail address and we’ll find the best way of finding that visibility you need. 

We want you to feel satisfied with the experience. That’s why we offer such a productive Networking platform that will make things easier for you. There you can find a whole list with all the professionals coming to the event, where you’ll even be able to segment among sectors, positions, or companies. The platform includes an internal messaging system so that you can contact them and organize your own meetings schedule. The service will be available from August on, in order you to be able to contact other professionals during the months before the event, and it will remain open until later, expanding in this way the BIME experience beyond the three days of the conference.

Registrations will open in September on our networking platform. 

If you already got your pass for BIME PRO, you’ll soon receive an e-mail inviting you to our networking platform, once it’s already open.