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To Bilbao

By plane

The Bilbao Airport is the fastest and most efficient way of reaching the village, for those who want to make the most of their time. It relies on regular connections with some of the most important cities in Europe.

The line A3247 by Bizkaibus connects the airport with the city centre in barely 12 minutes, departing every 15′.

By bus

The Bilbao Bus Station (better known as “Termibús”) is located between the neighborhoods of Basurto and San Mamés, and relies on lots of connections with the whole peninsula.

By train

If you really enjoy travelling by train, the way to Bilbao-Abando station will seem delightful.

From Bilbao to the venue (BEC)

By metro

The Metro system of Bilbao has been European Union awarded due to its cleanness and efficiency. It is, in fact, the fastest way for commuting.

Use Metro Bilbao L2 line. Station: Ansio.

By taxi

The Radio Taxi service has a few different phone numbers at your disposal:

Radio Taxi Bizkaia-Teletaxi: +34 944 10 21 21

Radio Taxi Bilbao: +34 944 44 88 88

Radio Taxi Nervión: +34 944 26 90 26