Mia P. Salazar


Documentary Director


Mia P. Salazar (Barcelona, 1983) left the stage in 2014 to begin her career in documentary film. She currently resides in Stockholm where she practices the profession from multiple creative collaborations with Swedish and international artists. In 2015 she joined the film collective NUET in Stockholm where she began her collaboration as co-director of the film “Too Beautiful: Our Right to Fight” (Revolver Films, 2017) which was presented in 2018 at Sheffield Doc Festival by director Maceo Frost. In 2017, Mia co-founded the production company Bungard Film with Director of Photography and editor Georg Bungard (Cologne, 1985) . “In the Middle of Norway” is her first piece as a director, where she fuses her passion for music with her passion for documentary portraits.