Application period for press accreditation now open for BIME PRO and BIME LIVE

Application period for press accreditation now closed for BIME PRO and BIME LIVE

Accepted applications will be announced Wednesday, October 16th.




–  Prior publishing or broadcast of information regarding the festival is required in order to apply for accreditation.

–  Accreditation can only be solicited via the press section of  Under no circumstances will any phone queries or e-mails be attended to with regard to accreditation applications.

– No freelancers will be issued press credentials.  All accredited persons must belong to a specific communications outlet.

– The number of credentials issued per outlet is limited as laid out below.  Applications in excess of this limit will be denied.

– For radio and websites, there will be a maximum of one credential issued per outlet.

– For print media the limit is two credentials per publication:  one for a photographer and another for a writer.

– For television, the limit is three credentials per outlet.  One of them must be for a writer.

– The number of photographers allowed by the artists and the BIME organization is limited, meaning that the organization is obliged to conduct a screening process.  The organization will provide quality photographs to any outlet denied photographer credentials.

On Wednesday, October 16th, applicants will receive an e-mail informing them whether their application has been approved or denied.

Granting of credentials does not guarantee that accredited photographers and TV camerapersons will be able to photograph and/or film all BIME LIVE performances, as each act has its own rules and standards on this matter and it is each act’s management who will have the final say as to which outlets can photograph and/or film.

The organization will contact each accredited photographer and/or TV cameraperson by e-mail a few days in advance to confirm which concerts they are allowed to photograph and film and which ones they are not.

As for BIME PRO, in principle there is nothing keeping photographers and TV camerapersons from accessing all activities, save the occupancy limitations of the spaces themselves.

2.1.  Fill out the accreditation application form.  All form fields must be filled.  One form must be filled out per person.  Once you’ve finished filling it out, click SEND.

It is very important that the e-mail address you provide on the form be one you check regularly.  Many of the informative communiques for accredited media will be dispatched by e-mail.

2.2.  The resolutions on the applications received will be communicated by e-mail, as stated in point 1.3 above.

2.3.  If your application is denied, there is no option to appeal.

Credentials can be collected during the course of the festival, on October 30thand 31stand November 1stat the BIME PRO credential pickup booth, and November 1stand 2ndat the BIME LIVE box offices.

Press credentials will not grant access to the VIP zone, artist dressing rooms, or exclusive organization staff areas.

Credentials are not available for press vehicles.  The festivalgrounds have a high-occupancy parking area.

The organization reserves the right to revoke the credential of any accredited member of the press found to be in breach of any of the above stipulations.