Music industry's advanced training programme

It divides in three sections:

  • CAMPUS: 3 days of practical and intensive training given by the best professionals of the cultural and creative industries, aimed at anyone wishing to study the music industry in depth.
  • CAMPUS+: Everything you need to immerse yourself in the music industry. A small and selected group of students receive a week of practical training.
  • WORKSHOPS FOR PROFESSIONALS: High-level practical training provided by leading international professionals in each field.


BIME PRO Campus is the intensive course for students and alumni, aimed at audiences that have in common concerns around the cultural and creative industries, specially the music sector as a whole: booking, management, production, publishing, legal, marketing, new technologies…

Unique experience

An incomparable atmosphere at BIME Pro, where music business professionals from all over Europe and Latin America gather for three days

Practical training

Learn firsthand the montage and production of such an indoor festival like BIME Live, and an urban festival like BIME City.

Learn with the best ones

Renowned international and national professionals within music and creative industries will be ready to share knowledge and experiences.



9:00 | Campus Reception

With Ibone Iza, BIME PRO Campus coordinator

9:15 – 10:15 | Campus Presentation. What are we doing here?

When starting a professional career, the first steps are never the easiest to take—and the music industry is no exception to the rule.  Receiving training and expanding your contact network are part of the basic advice usually given.  Over the next 40 minutes we will try to cover how professional events such as BIME PRO can help in this process and how to get the most out of them.

With Christophe Cassan – BIME PRO Angel

10:45 – 13:30 | Production of an indoor festival. BIME LIVE

Infrastructure, technical and artistic production, booking, access control, security, and a behind-the-scenes look at the BIME LIVE festival setup process.

With Clara Lobo y Rubén Jauregui, del departamento de producción de Last Tour

13:30 – 13:40 | IMB Artist Talent

With David Loscos, IMB – Director

15:00 – 16:30 | Microinfluencers, musical trends and attendance routes: the era of Smart Festivals

Digitalization has brought with it the ability to design and carry out actions never before possible in many industries.  Locating opinion leaders on social media through actual influence exercised (micro-influencers), collecting listening data for song streams and detecting patterns and trends through scraping techniques on sites like Spotify and NextBigSound, or predicting the routes festivalgoers will take at a festival have all ceased to be just concepts in a PowerPoint.  In this session we’ll take a look at these three practical applications as they apply to music’s chain of value and decision making when organizing a music festival.  

With Alex Rayón – Universidad de Deusto, Deusto Big Data Director

16:30 – 17:30 | A conversation with…Rozalén

17:30 – 18:30 | The strength of brands as media and prescribers

Traditional advertising is going through its worst moment. It’s increasingly difficult to reach audiences through press agencies. With the emergence of new advertising models such as branded content, brands such as Red Bull, Tuenti, Jägermeister, and Airbnb, among others, have begun using communication tools proper of journalistic media to draw audiences. Is this what readers are looking for? Is the fact that brands are becoming the new prescribers a good thing?

With Eva F. Cortés – Music Comms Consultant & PR


10:00 – 11:00 | Dalmata Marketing “The power of creativity”

Examples of music marketing campaigns, myths and truths, success stories and disasters.

With Joe Perez-Orive – Live Nation, Head of Marketing

11:20 – 12:20 | Big Data and Privacy: data protection in the music industry

Technology can be a great ally of the music sector in providing solutions to very complex problems (collective rights management, resale, piracy, promotion, label profitability, etc.).  But all this can imply a significant invasion of consumers’ privacy.  The GDPR and European states have established important legal obligations, restrictions, and sanctions in the area of data protection.  We’ll discuss the difficult balance between the use of the latest technologies by artists and music companies and  the rights and privacy of consumers. 

With Manuel Ángel Lopez Perez – Sympathy for the Lawyer, Founder partner


12:20 – 13:30 | How to start a music project: keys and tips not to tap out

Musicians, managers, promoters, communicators, audiovisual-makers… No matter which branch you choose, embarking on a music project is a high-voltage adventure calling for copious doses of patience and tons of willpower—because in the music industry not everything is about ambition. In a sector where professional intrusion is the order of the day and the economic crisis has wrought havoc, getting your project out there can take enough effort to overwhelm anybody and knowing how to do it can be a key factor in its development. With that in mind, in this talk we’ll go over tricks and techniques and analyze experiences.

With María González – Charlas MID, Co-fundadora & Antonio Romero – Charlas MID, Co-fundador


15:00 – 16:45 | How to land an idea

We’ll deal with the ideation process from inception all the way to materialization in the briefing:  how to prepare so as to capture our essence and how to follow an idea through, how we shouldn’t be closed to the creativity of others to enrich the original idea, how to move into the production phase once we’ve settled on an idea, and finally how to execute it.

We’ll cover different points to keep in mind, such as differentiation, the impact we want our proposals to have, and how to let people know about what we do, looking at what works and what doesn’t work from different impact and performance angles.

With Borja Dopico – Last Tour, Planning Director

17:00 – 18:30 | Transgressive crea-ctivity in the music sector

Innovative, creative, and free concepts that connect happiness with entertainment.

With Ramiro McTersse – Stepfamily, CEO


10:00 – 11:00 | The wonderful world of booking

How to manage the booking of a festival like the Bilbao BBK Live:  band selection process, negotiation, and frustrations of materializing a lineup.

With Fernando Yañez, Last Tour Booking Agent

11:00 – 12:00 | From the bottom and as far as they let us

Professional project development:  management, independence, and the realities of a small office.

With Marcos García – Ayuken Management, Founder/Director

12:15 – 13:15 | The challenge of majors: a new generation of artists

Speed, self-release, independence:  a new generation of artists with a different and disruptive vision of the music biz is posing new challenges to the major labels.  What are those new challenges?  What value proposition can a major bring to this new generation of artists? Are the majors the goal for emerging artists?  Is it possible for both “visions” to converge and that a new order be established in Spain’s music industry?

With Domingo Olivo, Marketing Director y Julio Morote, Brand Manager de SONY Music Entertainment España.

13:15 – 14:15 | Production and management in live music, or how to face a continuous mini-festival

We’ll also cover different concert programming models, the challenges faced by promoters, agents involved (audience, bookers, managers, artists, ticket agencies, associations, rights managers, etc.), budgeting all the way to invoicing, and the importance of production (prior and local) as the thing that brings it all together.

With Mar Rojo – Sala El Sol, Producer

14:30 – 15:00 | Farewell. Diploma Delivery and BIME LIVE access.

Are you a student? Get a 50% discount for BIME PRO + BIME LIVE

Mandatory requirements:

  • Be a current student or a former student in the last two years (2017 and 2018) accrediting you through one of these options:
    • Photocopy of bachelor/master/postgraduate enrolment in progress (courses 2017/2018 and 2018/2019), to be presented at the event.
    •  A valid student card, to be presented at the event.
  • Attendance at BIME PRO Campus is 80% compulsory in order to aim for the diploma and access to BIME LIVE.
  • The BIME PRO Campus and BIME PRO Campus+ LIVE 50% tickets will NOT be valid if the required documentation is not presented.


The free Campus+ programme is aimed at 32 youngsters between the ages of 18 and 32 with a special interest in the music sector and in the cultural and creative industries, with the ambition to work or undertake in these sectors. With a welcome party and all their needs covered for a week, they will have the opportunity to attend two extra days of advanced training.

The call for BIME PRO Campus+ 2019 is now closed. Those selected will be informed privately from 4 July.


The seventh edition of BIME PRO is back with several new features. For the first time, it will include a series of workshops aimed at professionals with diverse topics that will cover high-level practical training from the best professionals in each field. Places are limitedand BIME PRO+ or BIME PRO+ LIVE tickets holders will have priority access. Pre-registration is required through our APP.

The Professional Workshops of BIME PRO are supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. 

Don’t miss the opportunity!



Wednesday 30th October, 10:30 – 18:00 & thursday 31st 12:30 – 18:00
Sala 5

Two-day training led by Javier Bragado that will present photography in festivals, tours and shows in venues, with theoretical and practical content. Addressed to people interested in specialized photography and live music who want to take a leap in their career and learn with the best professionals in the music industry. You’ll get the opportunity to work as an intern in BIME CITY and show us your best pics.



Wednesday 30th October, 12:30 – 14:30
Sala 1A

If you are an artist and YouTube user, you can’t miss this workshop. Cristina Roda, Strategic Partner Manager, Artist & Labels Development at YouTube, will tell us how to optimize artist’s official channels, about recommended practices for launchings, and about successful fan engagement.


Wednesday 30th October, 15:00 – 18:15
Sala 1A

Iñigo Corcuera (Director at MrJam) and Alberto Macías (teacher at MrJam) will share their tools and techniques with professionals and gaming lovers in general.  The workshop is divided into two blocks covering the basic music parameters and concepts, as well as creativity when it comes to creating and choosing sounds for video games.



Thursday 31st October, 11:00 – 13:30
Sala 1A

We will enjoy the pleasure of a relaxed conversation with the Liverpool-resident producer who mixed and mastered Lewis Capaldi’s latest album. Mike will tell us about his experience transitioning from musician to sound engineer, in addition to sharing some of his production secrets and the details to consider when you are working with world-class musicians like Capaldi and involved in an international bestselling album.


Thursday 31st October, 15:00 – 18:00
Sala 1A

The future of music videos looks thrilling, and that’s why we decided to have a master class led by Lyona, an emerging filmmaker who directed over eighty song clips for bands like Love of Lesbian, Sidonie, Lori Meyers, Carlos Sadness, and Amaral, among others. Lyona will walk us through the processes, talk about techniques, and clarify all your doubts.


Now you are able to join our BIME PRO ambassador program. Bring your friends, receive points for every sale you make and redeem them for prizes -the more points you have, the more rewards you get! Prizes include general admission, official merchandising, VIP tickets, backstage passes and much more! Soon more information on how to register.

#WeAreEquals Music Academy


Wednesday 24

9:30 | Participants Arrive / Sign In Brighter Sound staff

10:00 | Welcome - Introduction by host (housekeeping, overview of the day)

10:15 | Session 01: Artistic Identity with Debra King / Kate Lowes

    • Host in-conversation with Afrodeutsche discussing the importance of artistic identity in the current industry climates.
    • Industry perspective- with a particular focus on DIY, electronic scenes and subcultures.
    • Discussion around different models and approaches that have worked for different artists / Jayne Stynes – General manager of UKs Music Managers Forum
    • Practical exercise – ‘strategy and identity’
    • Open up for group Q+A/feedback session

11:45 | Coffee Break

12:10 | Session 02: Releasing and Promotions

    • Digital promotion, distribution and developing a visual identity.
    • How to DIY release – exploring different approaches to releasing music
    • Open up for group Q+A/feedback session

14:00 | lunch – free

15:00 | Session 03: Next steps

    • Collective feedback session, reflecting on the day and discussing the potential for developing artist communities and networks.

16:00 | Session 04: Basques on Decks

With Iker Bárbara.

16:30 | Session 05: César Andión – PR & Talent - Live Nation

Thursday 25

10:00 – 14:00 | Session 01: EMEDj

14:00 | lunch – free

15:00 | Session 02: Pat Quinteiro – SheSaidSo – Mutek

SheSaidSo is the first community of women in music that connects members from all industry sectors, worldwide in order to break down gender stereotypes within the music industry and create a diverse pool of role models for future generations. SheSaidSo is raising awareness of the gender gap and lobby for policy change that promotes gender equality, diversity and inclusion and it is enhancing the profile of accomplished women already making a mark in the industry (especially in leadership and technical roles).

15:40 | Session 03: Xavi Ruiz – Apple Music

Xavi Ruiz will explain how to make the most of Apple Music for Artist and also how to build a strong profile on digital platforms.

Friday 26

12:15 - 13:15 | Session 01: Agents vs Promoters

Rising artists’ fees versus falling ticket sales, the lack of headliners, how Brexit could affect the European industry, how the market is being influenced by big promoters… these issues and more will be tackled at this round table to seek solutions in discussion with leading experts.

    • Mark William Vaughan ALL THINGS LIVE – Promoter and Partner
    • Laura Davidson – AEG European festivals – Head Of Artist Bookings
    • Carlos Abreu – EMW – Agent

13:35 - 14:30 | Session 02: Weaving networks: the manager in the international community

The associative network is growing larger and larger in response to the need to strengthen the elements of the value chain. Managers are facing a perpetually expanding market, making it sometimes necessary to extrapolate the practices of one country to another. Is an alignment of interests a feasible path to constructing a fair-play framework for everyone?

    • Patricia Hermida – IMMF – Co-Vice-Chair
    • Eduardo Sempé, Rock y Reggae Producciones – Director
    • Thomas Muhr, Imesur – Director General
    • Ulises Sanher, tres vynil – CEO

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