BIME PRO Training

Music industry's advanced training programme

It divides in three sections:

  • CAMPUS: 3 days of practical and intensive training given by the best professionals of the cultural and creative industries, aimed at anyone wishing to study the music industry in depth. Classes will be on site with a very limited capacity & streamed live through our platform.
  • CAMPUS+: Everything you need to immerse yourself in the music industry. A small and selected group of students receive a week of practical training.
  • WORKSHOPS FOR PROFESSIONALS: Various topics for high-level practical training from the best professionals in each field internationally via streaming through our platform, with prior registration.


A unique experience that will help students to give answers to their inquisitiveness.

Guide students throughout a complex, dynamic and innovative industry that is constantly reinventing y therefore, it’s full of possibilities.

Create an environment to help youngster to start writing a future in music.

Offer a theoretical & practical knowledge basis to start a professional career in the music sector and to consolidate a previous trajectory with the best international experts.


BIME PRO Campus is the intensive course for audiences that have in common concerns around the cultural and creative industries, specially the music sector as a whole: booking, management, production, publishing, legal, marketing, new technologies…

BIME PRO Campus is organized in collaboration with Lanbide & Consejería de Empleo del Gobierno Vasco.

Learn with the best ones

Renowned international and national professionals within music and creative industries will be ready to share knowledge and experiences.



15:00 - 16:00 | Artistic Production in Festivals: Perspective, Teamwork and Putting out Fires.

We will talk about the experience of Bibi Palay in artistic production in the context of Festivals, to prove how indispensable teamwork, the ongoing interaction of different departments (booking, stage, logistics, transfers, ticketing, press, guests…) and the will to resolve small difficulties that arise along the way are when organizing a Festival. The service provided by Bibi and the likes is multifaceted. It involves serving as liaison to tour managers and artists, as well as handling their arrival to the festival prior to their performance. Thus, proactivity in responding to their requests, a penchant for improvisation, and keeping all departments in perspective, are essential skills to ensure artists are relaxed when they arrive and eager to take our stage. Anticipating these difficulties makes the job more effective and pleasant for everyone involved. And above all, kindness, and a good disposition to navigate these challenges are key. It is not always easy so we must always be willing to offer all the resources within our reach and collaborate to ensure agreements are met by the different parties. In this line of work there are so many stories and anecdotes, which we will also tell.

Bibi Palay  – Artistic & Production Manager.

16:10 – 17:10 | Music Communication in Times of Crisis

The health emergency stemming from the COVID crisis created a crazy work situation for communication agencies. During the first weeks we had to change or postpone all festivals and concerts only to cancel them weeks later or postpone them to 2021, as was the case for most. Throughout the lockdown we had to cancel or postpone hundreds of events and concerts. Now that we have passed the peak of this crisis, how will music communication adapt to the new normal? The paradigm has changed in the promotion of events.

Lorena Jimenez – Directora, La Trinchera

17:30 – 18:30 | Digital Platforms: a World of Possibilities

The music industry has been growing steadily for several years. No small feat after 14 years of constant contraction. This growth can be attributed to the digital sales of music, accounting for more than 60% of the revenue. So, what exactly are digital sales and what does it involve? What possibilities does it offer artists and independent labels? In this masterclass we will briefly summarize the latest in the digital world, plus artists and labels, to learn how to maximize results.

Saúl Cabrera – Director LATAM y España, EMUBANDS

18:40 – 19:40 | Financing Music. Money (That’s What I want)

We will consider different strategies to develop music projects: tours, festivals, record labels… Now more than ever it is necessary to optimize the resources within our reach and explore new sources of financing to complement ticket sales or streaming. We will explain a set of keys: tax incentives, investors and EIGs, grants and aid programs, loans, sponsors, and patrons.

Manuel Ángel López Pérez – CEO, Sympathy for the Lawyer


15:00 – 16:00 | Marketing and the Future of the Music Industry in the Era of Big Changes

Globally, companies are in a phase of understanding, searching for suitable digital transformation models, as well as the digitalization and readaptation of the business in an era of big changes accelerated in 2020. The products, service offer, settings of action, nature of the demand, quality, safety, etc. within the music industry are going to be affected by a paradigm shift that has only just begun. The opportunities are enormous but so are the competitive threats. Both compel us to adapt and progressively converge as companies (and professionals) must be transformed. We will witness intelligent businesses (and people) merge to find a new way to structure global products to facilitate the interaction with a new audience and a new way to consume.  

Jesús Hernández – CEO, A04MEDIA

16:10 – 17:10 | Connection - Creativity - Celebration*

How to build new creative ideas for live events & festivals, thinking outside of the box using the 3 C’s. We will look into the need for values, and the importance of your customers believing and following them. By exploring the need for human interaction – physical over virtual, we will look over real life examples of past events & future ones. We will touch on Entertainment, Marketing, Sponsorship, Production and of course Budgeting.

Jo Vidler– Elrow, Directora Creativa
*This masterclass will be taught in english.

17:30 – 18:30 | Music Journalism: Vocation, Crisis and Insecurity

A personal journey through the development of music journalism over the lat 20 years. The crisis of the music industry, changes in the paradigms of listening, free press, blogs, subsistence salaries, loss of Prestige, and passion, lots of passion provided by Marta Salicrú, director of Radio Primavera Sound. She is active since 2005.

Marta Salicrú – Directora, RPS 

18:40 – 19:40 | Music Supervision: the Craft

The “craft” of a Music Supervisor in their day-to-day. From the moment a production company contacts you, starting with that first meeting with executive production. What information should we glean from that meeting to approach the project, and subsequently, the day-to-day work? We will find the answers with practical cases, including all the processes you go through until the show airs. Scripts, searching for songs, pitches, identifying the rights of the songs, negotiation. What is a song worth? Communicating requests, handling the paperwork, getting signatures, billing, processing files, editing, credits, cue sheets… We will see examples from real shows, including images of the shows themselves. Problems you may encounter, imaginative solutions… everything will be practical and attractive.

Juan Tomás Tello – Music Supervisor


15:00 – 16:00 | The Transformation of the Company Model from the 20th Century to the Internet in the 21st Century to the Era of the Pandemics

Record companies have become global music companies, evolving, and adapting to the times. From the transformation generated by the emergence of the Internet to recent matters such as COVID-19 and its consequences.

Carlos Galán  – CEO, Subterfuge

16:10 – 17:10 | The Story of How Rap Became Pop

Kigo reviews the keys of the paradigm shift in Spain from his experience, with the help of C. Tangana, Sticky M.A., Chico Blanco and Flaca.

Kigo – Sangre, Fundador/CEO

17:30 – 18:30 | What is the Impact of Music Festivals on our Society?

Music festivals are cultural activities that become set-apart spaces for social cohesion and have a great impact on cultural and creative industries. Plus, music festivals are a meeting point, a space for entertainment and employment with a social, environmental, and economic impact in their region. In this conference we will identify the impact of music festivals in our society (gender, climate change, waste, social inclusion, etc.) and we will discuss potential alternatives to integrate sustainability in the music industry.

Marta Barahona – Resp. sostenibilidad y cambio climático, Gabeiras y Asociados. 

18:40 – 19:40 | How to Make a Living in Music (Doing What You Like) Without Dying in the Attempt

With 20 years of experience as a programmer I will try to convey the job description of a freelance programmer (doing contract work for a music venue or festival). Job description, goals, purposes. The assets of a programmer, how to reflect your personality and your personal tastes through the selection of artists. What sets you apart from others, your philosophy. How to combine the economic results with artistic quality, the balance between local and international artists, the negotiation of artist fees, the collaboration with hiring agencies, the communication with the venue or festival. The daily perspective and the long-term vision.

Gaspar Antuña – Programador/DJ Residente, Café Berlín


Thank you for being part of BIME PRO CAMPUS 2020, the most international and special edition to date. The time has come for you to show everything you have learned and earn your well-deserved diploma. To do this, you must answer the questions proposed by our speakers before November 30. Good luck!


Four days of high-level theoretical and practical training, given by great professionals from the cultural and creative industries, aimed at a small group of 18 students.

The call for BIME PRO Campus + 2020 is now closed. Those selected will be notified in the next few days.


A series of workshops aimed at professionals with diverse topics that will cover high-level practical training from the best professionals in each field. Places are limited and BIME PRO Online or Physical tickets holders will have priority access and registrations will be done through our Online Platform. The Professional Workshops of BIME PRO are supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. 



OCTOBER 26 MONDAY, 16:00 – 18:00
Through our Online Platform

Using information to make the music industry more profitable has multiple approaches that we will explore in this workshop. How to find the artists that will have a bigger impact, the best artists for your event, how to manage your artist’s career or your own based on data. Using data to make the most of opportunities and to understand your audience. Using data to optimize tours or for digital segmentation in marketing. Big Data has come to combat the risk and financial instability that characterize the industry.

Conducted by: Francisco Pozo



OCTOBER 26 MONDAY, 18:15 – 19:45
Through our Online Platform

It takes a lot of passion for music to be a Music Supervisor. But there is more. In this workshop we will better understand what this role is all about and its specific challenges. We will talk about several aspects related to this small and new industry role that is unknown to most, as well as the long path ahead and the part it will play. We will have a Q&A and look at some success stories and wrap with a surprise or two.

Conducted by: Omar Tenani



OCTOBER 27 TUESDAY, 11:30 – 13:30
Through our Online Platform

Oftentimes there is this social assumption that people working in cultural and artistic industries “aren’t really working”. Only artists and other professionals working in this industry know how much time and energy go into this line of work. Composers, producers, and creators may be more prone to one kind of problem, while singers, musicians, orchestra directors and DJs who perform before audiences, may be more susceptible to another. In each of these roles they are subject to certain pressures that may complicate their emotional balance and, therefore, their work. This workshop will expose fundamental issues for prevention related to the factors that may affect the mental health of people working in creative industries. We will look at the role of psychology in optimizing performance and boosting career growth, as well as personal growth, balance and mental health of artists, technicians, and others working in the music industry.

Conducted by: Rosana Corbacho



OCTOBER 27 TUESDAY, 18:00 – 20:00
Through our Online Platform

If you want to export your career you will need to get to know the market where you want to grow, as well as the actions to take for your project to have a long-term impact. This workshop, led by experienced professionals in the matter, will provide artists and professionals with tools to consider when the time comes to plan your strategy to position your project in Latin America.  

Conducted by: Claudia Pereira y Ulises Sanher


OCTOBER 28 WEDNESDAY, 16:30 – 18:00
On-site, Room 0C

Most labels, agencies and festivals have a limited structure unlike the legal departments found in big companies. Legal matters, however, play a big part in the negotiation of music. Regulations are increasingly complex, and the crisis brought about by COVID-19 has evidenced the importance of good legal and economic planning. In this workshop we will review the main legal problems in the music industry that we usually help with: contracts, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, safety, grants, tax incentives…

Conducted by: Manuel Ángel López

HITMAKING curated by SAE Institute


OCTOBER 28 WEDNESDAY, 17:00 – 19:00
Through our Online Platform

In this Master Class conducted by musician and music producer Sergio George you will learn the keys to produce a top hit, including good budget management, negotiations with composers, auditions with musicians, percentages when producing songs, talks with record companies, and a good communication with artists, all of which are essential components of music production.

Conducted by: Sergio George



OCTOBER 29 THURSDAY, 16:00 – 17:00
Through our Online Platform

TikTok is much more than a platform for short videos. Without music, TikTok would not exist. Without TikTok, the music industry would miss a plethora of unique and irreplaceable opportunities. Music is a fundamental part of the creative experience on this platform. In this workshop, the TikTok Spain team will share their success stories and best practices to explore new paths in the music industry.

Conducted by: Soraya Castellanos

HOW TO BE A MENTOR curated by Keychange &


OCTOBER 29 THURSDAY, 17:00 – 18:30
Through our Online Platform

Learn how to pay it forward! If you are part of a musical community, join this session to learn how to best support individuals in your scene as a mentor. Whether it’s early career talent, rising stars, or just confused / underachieving individuals, you have the power and opportunity to empower and raise-up. This session will be lead by experienced mentor, board member, and Keychange Inspiration Award winner Georgia Taglietti who will give you tips on how you initiate a mentor/mentee relationship, how to set boundaries, structures and goals. We will use the tried-and-tested we.grow and she.grows models to inform a way of working that will help you set up and maintain a positive and mutually beneficial mentor/mentee relationship.

Conducted by:Georgia Taglietti. In collaboration with Keychange & shesaidso.

MONITORING SUCCESS AND Q&A curated by Keychange &

OCTOBER 29 THURSDAY, 18:40 – 19:10
Through our Online Platform

What does success look like? Will you become a mentor? What are the specific challenges in your area?

Conducted by:Georgia Taglietti. In collaboration with Keychange & shesaidso.

SPEED MENTORING curated by Keychange &

OCTOBER 29 THURSDAY, 19:20 – 19:50
Through our Online Platform

In this session you will be paired with another delegate, where you each take the role as mentor for 15 minutes and practice asking the right questions, setting up a simple structure, and breaking the ice in the name of progress.

Conducted by:Georgia Taglietti. In collaboration with Keychange & shesaidso.

With the support of