BIME PRO Training

Music industry's advanced training programme

It divides in three sections:

  • CAMPUS: 4 days of practical and intensive training given by the best professionals of the cultural and creative industries, aimed at anyone wishing to study the music industry in depth. Classes will be on site with a very limited capacity & streamed live through our platform.
  • CAMPUS+: Everything you need to immerse yourself in the music industry. A small and selected group of students receive a week of practical training.
  • WORKSHOPS FOR PROFESSIONALS: Various topics for high-level practical training from the best professionals in each field internationally via streaming through our platform, with prior registration.


A unique experience that will help students to give answers to their inquisitiveness.

Guide students throughout a complex, dynamic and innovative industry that is constantly reinventing y therefore, it’s full of possibilities.

Create an environment to help youngster to start writing a future in music.

Offer a theoretical & practical knowledge basis to start a professional career in the music sector and to consolidate a previous trajectory with the best international experts.


BIME PRO Campus is the intensive course for students and alumni, aimed at audiences that have in common concerns around the cultural and creative industries, specially the music sector as a whole: booking, management, production, publishing, legal, marketing, new technologies…

BIME PRO Campus is organized in collaboration with Lanbide & Consejería de Empleo del Gobierno Vasco.

Learn with the best ones

Renowned international and national professionals within music and creative industries will be ready to share knowledge and experiences.


A series of workshops aimed at professionals with diverse topics that will cover high-level practical training from the best professionals in each field. Places are limited and BIME PRO+ tickets holders will have priority access. The Professional Workshops of BIME PRO are supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. 

2020 themes: music supervisor, artists psychology, music production, videojockey, data analysis, and many more…

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