BIME PRO International Videoclip Challenge

Audiovisual meeting, focused on the music business

Professionals from the audio/visual sector will attend BIME Pro on October 24th to debate, explore and show the latest trends in this field. We will also host for the first time the international music video contest Vid + Sound International Challenge, which will allow artists and creators to exhibit their work in order to get the recognition they deserve.

Thanks to the agreement signed by BIME, each company associated to EIKEN Cluster will get a free accreditation and special deals in additional ones.

Music videos, under the spotlight

Music videos are the highest model of synergies and collaboration between the music industry and visual creators: an artwork that transforms sound waves into motion picture, and such an artistic resource to enhance the meaning of musical creations.

Music videos experimented a boom by the end of the XX century, partially propelled thanks to music media like MTV, and they’ve adapted perfectly to the digital ecosystem to become the main player and king of music consumption. The future of music videos looks amazing, and we want to live it firsthand.


Wednesday 24th

1. The new music video industry in the digital economy, new monetization and distribution models


Francisco Asensi, Co-founder and partner, League of Lawyers (Spain)
Jaume de Laiguana – Fotógrafo & Realizador & Diseñador (Spain)
Karlos Trijueque. Co-Fundador de TAOM Producciones S.L. Responsable Departamento Audiovisual TAOM.

2. CHEAPFILMS. It's not about how much you have, but what you do with it

With Karma and Joaco from Mueveloreina

3. The creative process in music videos. New approaches

With NYSU, Music Videos and Advertising producer and creative director (Spain)

4. Under the Covers - Visualizing and Mapping Music

Con Leif Podhasjsky, graphic designer and art director (Australia)

5. Femme Film

For this year’s ‘Young Emerging Director’ slot, we are proud to present Malin Johansson. She is considered one of the most exciting emerging young director talents in Sweden, and last year was shortlisted for the Young Director Award in Cannes, in the category ”Changing the world frame by frame”. Her work with José Gonzaléz recently premiered on Pitchfork. Malin will talk us through how and where she finds inspiration and who her role models are. She will present some of her own work and discuss her experiences in the film industry to date. Join us!

Malin Ingrid Johansson- Young Emerging Director -Sweden

Thursday 25th

1. Radio 3 concerts: 20 years of live music in TV


Jose Manuel Sebastian -Director de Los conciertos de Radio3 – RTVE
Deu Txakartegi – artista – WAS

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Eva Rivera – Dock of the bay – director
Javier Polo – Director – Europa en 8 Bits
Raquel Meyers – Artist

3. Music supervisors in Spain. Market situation and challenges


Arturo Paniagua – Movistar+ – Music Journalist and host (Spain)
Helena Pereiro – Warner Music – Music Supervisor (Spain)
Lucía Pérez – Atresmedia – Marketing Manager (Spain)
Omar Tenani – Movistar+ – Head of Music and sound design (Spain)
Paul Guinet – Paul Guignet – Bluewater – Music Synchronization & Administration Agent (Spain)

4. A conversation with... Jaume de Laiguana

5. Vid + Sound International Challenge


Malin Ingrid Johansson- Young Emerging Director -Sweden

Eva Rivera- Dock of the bay- directora – Spain

Leif Podhajský



Jaume de Laiguana

Photographer & producer & designer

Karma Cereza & Joaco



Malin Ingrid Johansson

Young Emerging Director

Leif Podhajsky

Graphic designer and art director

Eva Rivera


Dock of the bay


Advertising and Music Video producer and creative director

Raquel Meyers


Helena Pereiro

Music Supervisor


Carlos Trijueque


TAOM Producciones

Lucía Pérez

Marketing Manager


Paul Guignet

Music Synchronization & Administration Agent


Francisco Asensi

Co-founder and partner

League of Lawyers

Vid + Sound International Challenge

If you have a band, or if you’re a director/producer and have made a music video, let us introduce you Vid+Sound International Challenge.

The international music video challenge at BIME Pro. An initiative to recognize and award the good job of audio/visual directors and producers. The awards delivery will take place in a special gala on the 24th of October, at BIME Pro Vid&Sound.

Pieces made out of any kind of animation technique will be able to apply, including combinations with real image, or even just pure real image.

Present your work before September 17th in the following categories:

  • BEST MUSIC VIDEO: videos chosen by a professional jury, selected by the organization for the official contest
  • BEST MUSIC VIDEO YOUNG TALENTS: videos made either by students or by under 25 youngsters.
  • PUBLIC’S SPECIAL AWARD: The most liked/voted music video will be the chosen one, being 12:00 am October 9th the last day to vote.


🎥 Categoría Nuevos Talentos:

“Rabengasse” /Luis August Krawen/La Sabotage

“Familiar Strangers” /Carla Castle/Emmeline Koh

“HELLO” /Samia LAMRI /Pakun Jaran feat. Daisy Mortem

“Sunny Day” /Viviane Riberaigua/ Looking for Emma

“There is no Tomorrow” /Ibai Abad/Guillem Manzanares/The Black Suns

🎥 Categoría Mejor Videoclip:

“Jericó” /Iker Iturria/Manfre /Brisa Fenoy

“Hasta que salga el sol” /Fernando Guisa/Soy Emilia

“Tiger” /Jethro Massey /Joon Moon

“Brand new thing” /Joan Bosch/Elastic Band

“Magnolia” /Daniel Moreno/Rufus T. Firefly

🎥 Categoría Premio del Público:


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