Bizkaia will become the epicenter of Spanish festivals promoters on the 24th and 25th of october at BIME Pro, with over 170 festivals already confirmed. The congress of festivals will revolve around music tourism: a phenomenon that fills streets with life, not only contributing to local taxes, but also generating a creative atmosphere and a cultural extra value.


Conferences at BIME Pro Fests will analyze the strategies being followed by countries like Spain, the UK or Colombia to place live music as one of their key arguments of their touristic image, as well as the influence of festivals when choosing a touristic destination, among other approaches.


Besides, we’ll count on managers from top touristic destinations in Spain, such as Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid or Bilbao, to analyze the experience of these places and to debate the challenges cities have to face to handle the increase of tourism.


A vital point is the debate we’ll have with representatives from the music industries about the opportunity that working together with institutions and the touristic sector represents in order to achieve common goals.


Conferences will be guided by renowned professionals from the sector, such as Iñaki Gaztelumendi (President at Spain Live Music), Ana Larrañaga (Director of FITUR) , Albert Salmerón (President of APM), or Katja Hermes (Music Cities Director at Sound Diplomacy).


The program will also rely on representatives from some of the territories that are betting the most on music tourism, who will reveal how this investment has transformed cities and will define the steps to follow towards sustainable development. Among them, there is to highlight Juan Mari Aburto (Mayor of Bilbao) and Francesc Colomer (Autonomic Tourism Secretary at the Valencian Agency for Tourism).


Over 170 festivals

Over 170 festivals have already confirmed attendance for this year.


Music tourism: insights

The development of music tourism linked to live music is a fact, particularly when it comes to music festivals. Actually, live music income grew a 14’7% in 2016, and 20’6% in 2017. (Source: APM)


Music tourism is a relatively new phenomenon that’s straightly linked to the great development of festivals in the past few years, and affects cities due to its straight economic and social impact. The congress of festivals will make a deep approach, searching for the best practices from the perspective of festivals as touristic product.