BIME PRO keeps on surpassing numbers for its sixth edition

Over 2.000 music business professionals met on the 24th-25th-26th at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre. The sixth edition of BIME Pro has gathered over 250 music festivals and professionals hailing from 28 countries, as it’s also been place for over 600 meetings. The meeting has combined activities around music, entrepreneurship, new tech, and, for the first time ever, it has also included audio-visual and video-game fields.


Women, main players

This edition has highlighted #Keychange, the European program which aims to empower and visibilize women in the music business so they can inspire other women to get into the music industry. In this context, BIME Pro has hosted a complete delegation of 70 women artists and innovators from different European countries. Leading the project was Vanessa Reed, the third most influential woman in the music industry. Apart from the multiple conferences they’ve been a part of, the #Keychange delegates also counted on their own recording studio at the event, where artists were able to compose and record their songs in situ.


MTV Founder meets Bilbao and Bizkaia

John Lack, MTV founder, was one of the main players of this edition’s program, taking part on the BIME Pro Vid&Sound audio-visual meeting, as well as in BIME Pro Startups.


40+ free concerts all over the city

BIME City happened as a complement for the professional meeting, as well as an aperitif for BIME Live festival. Over 40 free concerts in some of the most iconic venues of Bilbao. Emerging artists from all over the world made the public dance during the nights of the 23rd and 24th of October.