Bime Pro 2018


Igor Guizzardi

Igor Guizzardi

  • Germany
  • Managing Partner

Back in 2003 – in his early teenage years – Igor started being involved in concerts, events and festivals in his home region (Südtirol/Italy) – already at that time he used digital media partnerships and social media activities for marketing and promotion. It all started as a hobby with a big passion for entertainment. While finishing his International Economics and Innovation Management studies at Bocconi university in Milan he founded a startup where he experimented with and developed music discovery algorithms and user playlist strategies, with the goal to help artists get discovered and to empower music fans to share their favorite discoveries. The startup failed, but Igor had already started consulting newcomer artists and managers in regards to their digital strategies. He moved to Berlin pursuing his passion to help artists get noticed by being smart about digital entertainment. Soon Universal Music offered him an exciting role within its German A&R structure, working alongside product managers and digital teams to build innovative campaigns. During the last years his campaigns became increasingly international and of global reach.
Recently Igor’s need for flexibility, freedom and independence forced him to found his own venture “DESSSERT” – an international artist development service, focused on international campaigning and digital entertainment.