On Thursday, November 26, there will be a talk to discuss the keys to the transformation of the music industry

More Spanish companies sign the Keychange gender commitment

Brisa Fenoy and Claudia Pereira announced alongside Hinds as an Spanish Ambassadors

Keychange along with lead Spanish festival partners BIME Festival are proud to announce the appointment of new Spanish Ambassadors to further the movement for gender diversity: Brisa Fenoy and Claudia Pereira.

Today Keychange announces 2 Spanish organisations who have signed the Keychange gender pledge; DICE Spain and Whisper Not Agency. These businesses have signed the Keychange gender equality pledge towards achieving 50% representation of women and under-represented genders.

Finally, on Thursday 26th November at 5pm GMT, Pat Quinteiro (Co-directora de Shesaidso Spain), Rosana Corbacho (Psicóloga M.I Therapy), Natalia San Juan (Founder& CEO FEMNØISE), Brisa Fenoy, (artist), Claudia Pereira (Somos Fuego) and Ibone Iza (BIME PRO Manager de contenido) will take part in a discussion titled ‘Transforming the music industry’ via Keychange’s Facebook Page and BIME PRO’s Facebook Page.

BIME Director Julen Martin said, “Every step we take with Keychange makes me feel that we are contributing something important to our present and future. Something that personally encourages me and makes me believe that together we can break those meaningless barriers that have marked us for so long.”

New Ambassador Claudia Pereira said, “Being a Keychange ambassador encourages me even more as an artistic agent and professional! My role is, and will be, to develop and diffuse artists among the different stages in the world, as well as looking to add more festivals in Latin America to join the Keychange pledge. Equity today is essential to achieve a sustainable music industry, that’s our goal!”

As campaigners for gender equality in music, Keychange invests in emerging talent with a yearly participation programme, whilst continuing to encourage festivals, conferences and a growing range of music organisations and institutions to sign a pledge to include at least 50% women and under-represented genders in their programming, staffing and beyond by 2022. The current list spans 40 countries and over 350 organisations. See the full list here.

Keychange innovator Nadia Leal is the editor of Neo2 who will release a special interview and exclusive mix with Keychange artist Alvva on Tuesday. Listen to the mix here.

In addition to the ongoing Keychange Pledge, 74 participants – a roster made up of emerging artists and innovators within the music industry – are selected each year from across Europe and Canada to take part in international festivals, showcase events, collaborations and a programme of creative labs. Exceptionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Keychange 2020 participants will see their involvement extended until December 2021, in order to allow for travel and development to take place in the following year, with online mentoring, panels, and workshops run by Capacity Building Lead, Chimes until then. Partners across Europe and Canada will host discussions around the national gender equality climate during 2020. 

Spain’s Keychange participants for 2020/21 are:

The Barcelona-based DJ, Alvva is obsessed with percussive club sounds from all around the world, drawing influence from UK Funky, GQOM, Kuduro, Afrobeats, Reggaetón, Dembow, Baile Funk and many more. She currently operates between there, Madrid and San Sebastian, DJing at parties such as Perreo2k, Chicagang, Bae Klub or Trill Razzmatazz.

Sol Escobar has used her wide creative experience to help her shape her fourth studio album La Dama Oscura and first as producer-artist, writing and producing every song and achieving a very personal and cinematic style. After this came Sol Escobar’s first collaboration: “La Mariposa y el Farolero”, song with the great Chilean singer-songwriter, Manuel García. Music festivals in Spain, Colombia, Sweden and the United States followed, as well as a second collaboration, the dance- trip hop bilingual track with Monsieur Shwill: “Overflowing”, a response to Covid times.

Camille Hedouin is a craftswoman of sounds. Born in France with Ivorian and Italian origins, and Galician adopted, this brilliant self-educated singer has participated in a number of musical projects including jazz, folk, electronic and metal bands.

For many years Natalia San Juan worked as an executive producer of music concerts in Chile. She moved to Barcelona in 2011, where she focused her work on a cultural management and music activism. She runs a programme on Radio Primavera Sound with the same mission. In December 2019 she founded the startup Femnøise App, a technological solution to quantify, make visible and create a community of women who make music around the world.

Nadia Leal is the Music Chief Editor of the Spanish magazine Neo2. Nadia is also the Social Media Manager of Nick McCarthy (ex Franz Ferdinand) and Spanish PR and does freelance jobs as PR, MGMT, Social Media and Press.

Rosana Corbacho specialises in clinical psychology and humanistic psychopedagogy. Rosana is currently working as a psychologist at an addictions recovery centre. After years of research, Rosana founded M.I. Therapy, an organization aiming to raise awareness of mental health in the music industry and to offer specialized treatment. Rosana’s mission is to contribute to the scientific field in mental health treatment of artists as well as prevention with a clinical and humanistic psychology approach.

BIME are the festival partners for Keychange in Spain and will host 6 international Keychange participants each, as well as the Spanish participants in 2021.

Listen to the Spanish Keychange artists on Spotify here and on SoundCloud here.